Crowdfunding for education

1. DonorsChoose

This nonprofit crowdfunding platform makes it easy to raise money for any classroom in need of funds online. Public school teachers across the US use the site to create classroom project requests.

Fees: Third-party payment processing charges of 1.5% represent the weighted average of fees across all payment methods used by donors. Credit card or PayPal donations include a fee of about 2.5%. The site charges no platform fee, as operating expenses are covered by voluntary donations to the nonprofit.

20 Dollars Donation

2. GiveCampus

GiveCampus partners with colleges to help students, alumni, parents, and faculty launch fundraisers for school-related projects. Funds raised go directly to the school itself. They also offer a volunteer management system.

Fees: Schools can opt-in for a monthly subscription to use GiveCampus. Schools can contact GiveCampus for a quote.

3. Piggybackr

Piggybackr provides a school fundraising platform where parents and students can raise money (as a team or individually) for school projects. Piggybackr gives students points and badges for their fundraising efforts.

Fees: Platform fee of 4%, along with 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction for payment processing.