From about 6 months

The infant now mimics other individuals and expresses their emotions through facial expressions. They intentionally grab things to study them. Individual abilities like sight and grasping are becoming more and more coordinated.

Your infant makes random noises and understands the fundamental elements of their native speech. In addition, their body position changes more and more. They support themselves with their hands, and some kids even start mimicking sitting down.

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From about 9 months

The infant is gradually coming to terms with the fact that they have their own identity and free will. Their peers are also acknowledged.

Babies like a clear framework in their daily routines and can identify repeated processes.

Dropping items is becoming quite entertaining for babies. Both the noise this produces and the possibility of anything falling interest them.

Your infant could now spend a brief period sitting upright. Additionally, they have learned how to crawl. Even young children are beginning to test the limits of their balance by pushing themselves up on pieces of furniture to stand up independently.